About Us

Starting off on the right foot.

The transition from crawling to walking is a very special time for your child as well as for you as parents. We at Petit Mai help ensure that this phase is as relaxed and natural as possible. With crawling and walking shoes that are easy to put on, fit comfortably, and stay on firmly, even for the wildest rascals. These shoes help little ones stay in close contact with the ground while keeping their feet protected and warm.

Designed by Anne Tu Quoc.

Our products aren’t just good quality – they also look great. Each model is personally created by founder and designer Anne Tu Quoc. With her feeling for colors, materials, and proportions, she designs little shoes that are more than just cute.

Completely natural, inside and out.

Natural walking also needs natural materials. That’s why we only use Ecopell leather for our shoes. Eco-certified several times, it is considered one of the most environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic leathers. It is tanned chrome-free using only vegetable substances, which is kinder to the people in the leather factories and easier on the wastewater. The leather is neither embossed nor artificially sealed. Occasional marks in the leather bear witness to its untreated nature and are a sign of quality. Our cotton comes from certified organic farms and meets the requirements of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). And, wherever possible, we avoid plastic and use recyclable alternatives.

Fair production in Fribourg.

Petit Mai shoes are not mass-produced. Each one is handmade in Fribourg, Switzerland – together with farmers, retirees, and asylum applicants from the region. Under fair working conditions and with fair pay.